Optimal analysis and design of Expansion Joints

Following the report No. 1, which describes how the company has developed and the production of all-Iranian Expansion Joints, we will describe the design stages of the special profiles with the help of Iranian technology and knowledge.

The company, as mentioned above, began emphasizing the localization of its entire work in the field of preparing and executing Expansion Joint from the city of Mashhad and the Mashhad Mall project.

Despite the presence of foreign companies and importers of materials and ready-made foreign profiles that entered the competition with greater experience, the company felt a necessity for designing and producing sections for Mashhad Mall project benefiting the knowledge of Iranian experts and various studies, analyzes and uploads were it could produce and execute specific projects in Mashhad for more specific and more affordable prices than other competitors in accordance with the standards of the national regulations. In this long process, which lasted more than 8 months, about 30 dedicated sections were designed and produced in different project positions (for dry, wet, corner-sided, flooring, parking lot flooring, etc.) that after testing, control and examining they were approved by the consulting company and the representatives of the employer.

Therefore, with this important measure, the cost of producing and implementing these sections fell by half. This action led to the long-term employment of more than 50 employees. In addition, import of goods and also the outflow of foreign currency were prevented.

In the subsequent reports, we will look at the process of production and implementation and, finally, we will look at the future plans for Eshtad Sazeh Behineh Part Company to implement Expansion Joints.

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